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David Wills is innocent!

There is no Justice in South Texas

David K. Wills is innocent.


He is serving 17 life sentences in a federal prison, for a crime he did not commit.


A South Texas’ federal Judge and Prosecutors told the jury his was a case of a rich businessman who violated a poor, brown skin victim and her “financially stretched” mother.


That was a lie. The Judge and Prosecutors refused to allow evidence to the contrary.


The mother claimed she barely made $14,000 a year, yet she drove high-end cars, wore original designer clothes, carried genuine designer handbags and accessories, wore a gold and diamond Rolex watch, and lived in a fully paid-up house custom built with money from the state after her husband died in prison from a drug overdose.  The court refused to examine those facts and the mother and daughter’s real source of income.


They were engaged in a system of sexual extortion of local men of means.  The daughter, as a young child, often accompanied the mother to a sexual rendezvous.  The mother’s excuse was fear that her autistic son might harm her if she was left alone at home. That too was a lie. The mother then threatened to tell the victims’ wives their husbands had sex with her. She also threatened those who hesitated to pay that she would say they also had sex with her minor child.  Each paid cash and a lot of it.


The daughter realized that if she took the mother’s threat about sex with a minor to fruition with the authorities, and saw that charges were lodged, the payout on a civil suit would be in the millions.  She then partnered with an unscrupulous lawyer and made that happen.  The daughter’s degree of deceitfulness insured her mother would not benefit and, in fact, go to jail as a co-conspirator.


David Wills was an unsuspecting target.  He and his wife were separated.  He had sex with the mother.  Then his wife contracted an incurable form of cancer.  They reconciled, but she died soon after.  When the demands for money began, he refused to pay.


The daughter then put her extortion scheme into play.


Neither the Judge nor the Prosecution acknowledged the truth of the situation nor allowed any facts about the extortion scheme to be presented.   


The investigation itself was a study in dishonesty.  The South Texas detective in charge said the daughter had no cellphone.  Four years later, over 5000 pages of data appeared at trial from the non-existent phone that she had the whole time.  He was aware that friends, family, even investigator colleagues knew she had a phone yet he remained silent to the defense.


At trial, the Judge and Prosecutors heard testimony that proved no crime was committed.  There was no medical evidence, no DNA, no witnesses.  The Judge and Prosecutors ignored those facts and told the jury the underage victim suffered four and a half years of unprotected oral, vaginal and anal penetration.


 At the end of that time, she was not only still a physical virgin, she had not contracted the Herpes STD Wills had, nor could she identify David Wills’ massive abdominal scar nor the color of his pubic hair.  She searched the internet for pictures of erect male penises and picked one she claimed Wills sent her.  The Judge and Prosecutors disallowed the defense’ attempt to ask about the search or the picture itself.  To the defense, the Judge dismissed it as “just an image.”


David Wills was convicted of and is serving life in prison for a lie.  The alleged victim and her mother were not poor.  No sexual activity occurred between David Wills and the daughter.  The Judge and Prosecutors refused to listen to the defense witnesses who demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt the falsity of the prosecution’s case.  There was no evidence, no DNA, no medical evidence to support any claim of sexual activity.  There were no witnesses.  Medical tests and FBI triangulation data showed nothing of evidentiary interest.  There was no pornography on his computer and no communication with the alleged victim on his cellphone. 


The press statements released by the prosecution were false, but had their desired effect.  He appeared guilty to the public and his name, reputation and livelihood were destroyed before the trial began.


Now he is sitting in an American maximum-security prison. 


David Wills is not alone.  His case is just one of thousands where South Texas injustice found innocents guilty.  Estimates suggest some 100,000 to 200,000 innocent individuals are sitting in American prisons because of similar judicial misconduct.


Unjust Judges and corrupt Prosecutors must not be allowed to continue perverting justice in the United States.  They must be exposed and purged from their positions of power.




If you are outraged and don’t believe the individuals responsible should be working for the federal government express your feelings.


To file a complaint against the Judge, write to:


Lyle W. Cayce, Clerk of Court

Fifth Circuit Court

600 S. Maestri Place, Suite 115

New Orleans, LA 70130-3408

(504) 310-7700



Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos –

US District Court for Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division



For Complaints Against Prosecutors Write to:


Director and Chief Counsel

The Office of Professional Responsibility

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 3266
Washington, DC  20530-0001

Phone:  (202) 514-3365

Zahara Fenelon – Lead Prosecutor

Stephanie Bauman

Richard Bennet


For the full story of Judge Ramos and Prosecutor Fenelon’s bias in court see David Wills’ book: There is No Justice in South Texas. ($15.50 from Amazon)

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